Do you find that video previews take too much place in the list? If so, just switch that behaviour in settings.

Tubelab 1.8.0 should be really interesting.
First, it fixes upload issues on some devices. But, thanks to feedback, it empowers interactions made with sepia search and fix playing issues for videos not federated.
There are many other small improvements that will contribute to make the app more confortable to use.

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Next release of will introduce a surfing¹ mode. You will be able to store locally bookmarks for instances.
The instance picker will be there to help you.
You will be able to quickly go back to your connected accounts.
The idea is to discover more, and you will be able to follow accounts you discovered.

[1] - It's an intermediate mode between being disconnected and logged in. When clicking a "Subscribe" button, you will be able to select your connected account.

Pour , j'attends volontairement avant de faire les publications sur Google. Par contre, les versions Fdroid seront automatiquement publiées.
S'il y a le moindre souci, n'oubliez pas que vous pouvez revenir à la version antérieure. Aussi n'hésitez pas à me le dire. Merci.

1.6.0 is available on Google, it should be available soon on .

To Google play users: be ready to opt-in to the beta channel and give as much as possible feedback for the new release. Thanks :)

Next release of will support push notifications. You will be able to set the fetching time (disabled, every 15min, 30min, 1 hour, 2 hours, 6 hours or 12hours).
I attached screenshots showing all new features.

I am finally adding push notifications support with the ability to sync filters for notifications with your account(s). It should be available in the next release. This release will also support email notifications management like in Peertube settings.

Would you like a full management of your profile with and your account?
Currently it's possible :
- Edit profile picture, display name, description.
- Auto play, languages and automatically play next videos.

In the next release of , you will be able to update your profile (display name and description). I will add the profile picture too.

New features available in the next release :

- Auto play next videos (can be disabled and it's synced with your Peertube account). Works when videos are ended or when clicking the next button from video controller.

- Disable/enable records into history (synced with your Peertube account). When enabled, it should remember where you stopped the video.

In the next release of , you will be able to double tap videos (left of right) for seeking them by steps of (-/+) 10s.

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