1.5.0 has been published.

What's new:

- Custom default instance depending of the country
- Full management of comments and their replies (read/post/delete)
- Profile for accounts (displays their channels & videos)
- Fix some issues when posting a comment
- Fix videos not paused after screen lock

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Could you please stop this systematic and tedious harassment?
If you're unhappy about this app, don't use it, stop spamming other people's feed and harassing devs.
@Tubelab @fedilab

@silvershovel @silmathoron @Tubelab @fedilab well, I think you got banned from my other instance, since I feel like wasting time tonight, I'll still answer, though

Hello, I see 2 different applications on F-droid
TubeLab with an orange logo orange TubeAcad with the same logo of your account
Which one is the good one ?

👍👍👍 downloaded
Thank you for the work

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