I published 1.5.1 that fixes some little crashes during actions or when using sepia search from some instances.
I also added the edit item on menu when it's your video.
I will fix the share feature on some device, but currently the app should not crash anymore.
It's live on Google Play.

Thanks to all translators, all your work is available on this update 🙏

On F-Droid the Fedilab keep saying "Last version from 3 month ago"....
Where I can retrieve the last version.. Since the version I use seems closing when I want upload an Image!!?
Also what is the hell is going on with making Fedilab paid Android app on Google Store?? #HelpMe

This is about TubeLab, not Fedilab.
It is true however that F-Droid seems to be lagging behind...
@Tubelab would it be possible to set up a specific repo where we could get the updates straight away?
I imagine this may require a lot of work and/or money... so just asking. I could try to help with money if that's a problem, and I think I also know where to find tutorials on how to set up repos

Yes, I thought to do that for publishing beta releases on F-Droid. Question of time (knowledge) and money.

Ah, yeah, saw Fedilab lol in address so took it for Fedilab. My mistake, sorry.

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