Also, this release uses Triple-T (and no longer Fastlane), that will make things easier for differentiating the two releases on (lite & full).

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I published 1.15.0.

What's new:

- Use instances API
- Latency measurement for custom instances

Hey @fdroidorg
Something weird happened, only the flavor for the lite version of was updated. Did I miss something? Thanks.

I will remove fastlane for and use Triple-T for making easier to distinguish the lite from the full version. Currently, it's impossible, but it should be fixed quickly.

1.14.0 is available on (full & lite).

What's new:

- Handle /tv/, /igtv/ and /reel/ for
- Handle multiple tracking

- Remove default instance for Invidious

- Allow sharing to YouTube apps (Lite)

allows to pick-up instances for , and .

These instances are defined on the website and you can contribute to manage this list here:

Fixes for 1.14.0 are over

A new version should be published really soon. If you want to help for translations before that release, your contributions are most than welcome :). Thank you!

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UntrackMe: Umwandlung von Youtube- und Twitter-Links in Invidious- und Nitter-Links.

1.11.0 lite and full versions are available on .

You can now customize Invidious URLs for settings.

If you want to contribute to the localization of the project, your help is really precious:

- Basque, Chinese Simplified and Spanish already reached 100% 👍

Thanks for your help.


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