will work with push notifications in its next release thanks to the amazing work of more at

Hi Apps,

Thanks for your work and communications as it relates to #Fedilab.

We notice three different types of 'Distributors' for #PushNotifications. Which will Fedilab be using, #Gotify, #NoProvider2Push or the #Google one (#FirebaseCloudMessage)?


@dsfgs @apps In my understandig of #UnifiedPush it is the decision of the user, which UnifiedPush distributor (pushclient?) he installs on his android device. But I have not really understood the concept of UnifiedPush. It would be easier if there were a schematic illustration as for #OpenPush

@dsfgs @apps That's up to the user. The user chooses how to get notifications :)

I get notifications on fluffychat with np2p and other get it with gotify for instance :)

Thanks for the reply,

Thinking about the non-power user, is there a default? If so, what might it be?

@dsfgs @apps
We're trying to make is as simple as possible for non-tech users (just an application to install).

There is a version of the lib that uses FCM if there isn't any distributor. This can't be published on FDroid and uses Google but is invisible to the non-tech user. And allow others to use the distrib they want.

@dsfgs @apps
Else, at this moment the easiest distrib is still the FCM distributor. But gotify will be presented as the easy way : we're building a public server :)

There is also a channel on matrix (and irc:freenode) for more details if you want

Am I the only one who gets "No value for note" error on opening any profile and missing follow/unfollow buttons there?
I've just checked it out and found that I don't have this issue when my account at is activated, but I always have it when I switch to my accounts at (Pleroma) and (Mastodon). Weird.

Yes, that's fixed. If you're a Google user you can reach the beta channel otherwise you need to add our Fdroid repo.

@apps Thanks for your reply. Could you please give me an URL of your F-droid repo? I couldn't find it by myself.

You will have to uninstall the app. Think to export your data first.

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