1.38.0-rc-1 has been released on our repository. Highlight of this update is push notifications. This will really reduce the battery usage of Fedilab while providing quick notifications. That needs a little configuration. The step by step is explained here: fedilab.app/wiki/features/push

Special thanks to for all their support (More about them at unifiedpush.org/)

Informed users might have noticed we talked about 2.38.0-rc-1 and not 1.38.0-rc-1

Seems that this version doesn't fix the waste space for Pleroma feeds?
@apps 2.38.0-beta-1 - all I got from F-Droid with a fresh install.

Yes, we have to move the pin icon.
Thank you for your report.

An other small one: If you set custom color for the icons on bottom, not all are changed to this color.
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