⚠️ You need to log in your account again with the app for receiving push notifications.
Indeed, it needs a special authorization (push) that is granted only when connecting your account with the app.

I don't understand this manual.

Is anyone here, who can explain me in german (a technical & english language fool) how it should work?

I read about 4 applications, VPN, a distribution with static IP and don't understand anything...

For me it is already missing to find the function of the QR reader in the FDroid app.
If I use another one, I only get to the linked page with the QR code.

The easiest way is to follow the steps listed here :

Or to install this (it uses google services) :

You can add a repository with the QR code: scan it, copy the link, then open fdroid > parameters > add a repository > "+" (up - right , it will paste the link) then refresh

No step works.

In Fedilap is no button to add a push distribution. Only a note.

If I scan the QR Code with my second smartphone I come back to the side with the QR Code.

In FDroid I don't know/find a QR-scan-option.

If I download directly the google fcm, there is only a .bin file, no apk.
And I can't insert this data in Fedilab, respectively I don't know where.

You don't need a QR code scanner : go to with your phone and clic "add to fdroid"

That's to get the fedilab repo. For unifiedpush, open and long clic the blue UnifiedPush to copy the link then :
open fdroid > parameters > add a repository > "+" (up - right , it will paste the link) then refresh

What does it have to look like if it works?

Logged out and in many times.

You also need to change notification times. It is something like 7 am to 5 pm by default.

Scroll down on notification tab

Ah ok. I deactivated it.
Is that not possible? The push didn't work the last hours..

How do I sign into Gotify from Fedilab?

I've set up a Gotify account, I've even created an app in webui of Gotify, so I have a token, but where in Fedilab do I use that token?

Or are you literally saying I have to add Gotify account as if it is another fediverse instance?

Which given I'm getting a 404 error seems unlikely.

Then you have the good version :)

You will need to restart fedilab and re-log in since it asks for a new authorisation (push notifications)

Ok, I'll do a clean install, just backed up everything. Back in a sec.

So, I went with delayed notifications, as that was the only option that mentioned push notifications. I'll now see how it goes.

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