Currently receives a lot of one star ratings due to the default German instance which is down for weeks.
We replaced it with the default one

Currently, the version is locked due to this issue:

We are waiting a go after our fixes. We built the library from scratch (it's used for the torrent support).

Please, be patient we should be able to publish the fix soon.

It does seem kind of ironic that a client for #Peertube, which is designed to encourage decentralization, can get taken down by a single instance going down.

I wonder if there's some way to create a list of instances for different geographic regions, and then have the app test one in the user's region and either use that or try another if the first one doesn't work?

@apps keep it up. Your work is great and I appreciate a lot what you're doing, not only with TubeLab, but with everything else too. You're one of my biggest hope for the future of internet ❤️

@apps didn't block your apps before? (or was it a different instance?)

No they never blocked the app. That was about Fedilab, they kindly asked us to remove their instance from the Peertube tab.

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