We should be able to bring DLNA support for casting videos on your TV

Hey. Anyway to see profile of a channel on fedilab if we are watching a peertube video?
2. I saw a peertube video on fedilab which was showing 404 on browser but fedilab said error. It should probably specify what error
Thirdly, volume/brightness gestures are missing in the app. Please bring that.
4. To make tubelab similar to twitch app. In ui. Live should be prominent

@apps Can #DNLA work entirely on the LAN without the internet or is it like #Chromecast, where it notifies a third party (#Google in Chromecasts case) of what's being watched?

@apps Awesome! I've been looking for some time for a less awful alternative to #Chromecast. Thank you for adding #DNLA to #TubeLab! Now ordering a DNLA compatible dongle to hook up to my projector. :)

Most TV-boxes natively support DLNA, also connected TV support it.

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