To users, what is the most important feature for you?

Really interesting to know that connecting your Fediverse accounts is something important for you.
We will bring improvements to the search feature, especially for targeting live videos.

@apps I voted for sepia search but the real answer would be none of those. I care more about being able to easily subscribe to channels I care about, and get notified when they upload. Currently subscribing to some places (especially TILvids) can be tricky, notifications often don't come up until I open the app (Android sleeping the app, I guess) and then it can be tricky knowing which new vids I've already watched.

At the end of the day though, it's about discoverability of vids/channels.

Sepia should be together with lives because your local instance would probably not have much by way of content. Sepia is a good way to discover new content and better discoverability is key. Like right now its not possible to see "show me all lives on sepia". You have to search a string first, then filter by live. Maybe if that is implemented, until then, we should have better access in tubelab.
My idea is what if tubelab can be twitch app of fediverse. That would be cool. Bring more people towards peertube and fediverse.

... that said, a little refinement even at the level of fedilab can make tubelab super accessible. Like we dont have volume gestures or that the app feels "incomplete". No doubts on the skills of awesome developers who build it. They r doing an awesome job. Just keep doing the good work.

We could use tighter itegration with newpipe and untrackme and lowerprio misskey api support.

I missed this poll but I would also vote for connect Fediverse account.

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