For weeks, it was not possible to maintain the project. We are going to fix that.
Keep in mind that even if we don't release new versions, our services have costs through our server charges.
This server is used for the respectful translation feature inside and also for scheduling your messages or the push notifications server.

So don't hesitate to help us through our liberapay account. Thank you.

You may save money (and time) by getting your translation platform hosted by the Weblate company or the Fedora project or other places.

I don't think we are talking about the same thing. Crowdin hosts all our open-source projects for free with all options turned on.
Here, it's about the live translation feature inside Fedilab. We no longer use Yandex but an open source translation feature with pretrained models that we host through

oh, surprising what is the link with Fedilab? it is used to translate toots?

Yes, through an API. It's an open-source translation engine using pretrained models. So there is zero tracking.
More at

Hi! Just bought your app and cant figure out why choosing the compact interface mode seems to make no difference

I see two latest versions of Fedilab: 2.38.0-beta-1 (the one I currently nave) and 2.38.0-rc-1. What is the latter? Is that one also to be installed or it's a test version? Thank you!

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