Hi, everyone. It has been a long time :)
Lot of new issues were reported during the time I was away. I have started to fix them

If you have found any issues in Fedilab, UntrackMe or TubeLab, please share them with me. If you have suggestions or feature requests, share those too :)
Thank you!

- Thomas

@apps Welcome back. No issues for me at the moment, thanks.

The ability to replace through

Do you think it should be also added to untrackme?
I will investigate that enhancement. Thanks for sharing.

We checked. It can be added to fedilab and untrackme.

@apps Glad to see you back! Hope everything is fine on your side!

@apps So good to see you back! ❤ Hope you are doing alright, and thanks for everything you do!

Hi Tom, nice to read something from you again.
I hope you are well.
I actually have a little issue.
If I haven't looked at the app for a few hours, parts of the timelines are "skipped". There it jumps then for example from 3 hours to 8 hours. The toots in between are missing. After closing and restarting the app, I can update the timelines. Sometimes i have to restart the app 2 or 3 times to get all toots.

Thanks for sharing. These holes in the timeline will be a priority. Improving the unifiedpush service will help to solve that.
Also, for Mastodon users, we will use the API for knowing the last read message.

Hi Tom, here's an example. Image 1 after a few hours without using #Fedilab. Image 2 after restart

@apps is one of those with Firefox focus and untrackme?

Recently I've noticed that any time I follow a link to a different domain focus asks me if I want to open the link in a different app.
If I cancel focus browses to the link no problem. If I select open untrackme kicks in and asks me what app to use, and then focus asks if I want to open an external app etc.
I'm on lineageos with microg

Thanks for all your work on these awesome apps!

@M0YNG Thank for reporting this. Unfortunately we can't fix this on our side

With one of the next updates of FireFox Focus, you'll get an option to turn off the external app prompt

For reference:

@apps thanks for taking the time to reply. I don't make a habit of reading github for issues, but I probably should have tried looking... I anticipate a fix from focus!

@apps Hi, happy to see you again. A couple of suggestions for fedilab:
1) change the default download folder to /pictures/fedilab or let the user decide
2) when I open the app, the timeline is empty and is kinda slow at first load, but in my opinion the ideal would be for it to be in the position last time the app was closed.
thank you

We will work on this timeline bug. For download directory, we have to fix the issue when changing it.

@apps so glad to hear you're back Thomas, hope you're doing well:).

Tubelab is my favorite peertube app but recently it only plays audio, video is no longer playing, only black. Also long videos over 1 hr will not show the entire timeline.

@apps thanks! i hope you could resolve enough bugs on your life while you were away 💜

@apps Welcome back - Great to see you!

Fedilab keeps doing this thing where toots are the wrong size for their contents - not sure what that's about.

@apps Good to see you're back, hope things are fine. 🙂

@apps The app crashes so many time on my phone, but my smartphone is maybe to old and Fedilab lite doesn't work for me. I want also a black ⚫ led blinking to disable led notify. Add also a search machine to the emoji panel (as like mastodon) to find the right emoji, there are also more emojis in mastodon, maybe you can add them to. Oh yea, also i missing cache functionality to use the app in offline modus. thx 👍

Fedilab was support pixelfed, now the time line not showing, please fix it

@apps Feature requested: A direct Orbot (Tor) support toggol instead of feeding manual proxy.

Default parameters (empty values) are those of orbot.

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