Do you use our custom repository for

I do now, thanks. Did not know about it before.

@lienrag @jeancf @apps The repository, F-Droid, or the app?

F-Droid is like Google Playstore, except it's FOSS and only servers FOSS content.

The repository link is supposed to be added within F-Droid, and it allows you to download whatever software that it contains. This would allow, for instance, yourself to make your own apps and host them on your own server. People could use F-droid to recieve updates from the repository.

I do use the custom repo for #Fdroid.
I also purchased the app on Google Play, #FWIW

It's a great app.
Mostly need the repo for my Amazon Fire, which has no Google infrastructure.


Is your repo a reproducible build too? That is one of the big selling point of the main F-Droid repos for me.

I used to but I forget to install it on my new phone.

No, didn't know it exists. Adding it to Fdroid now. Thanks!

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