We will contact Google because our update of (2.39.0) was submitted 10 days ago and it is still pending. We don't get any special warnings, but it is really long (usually between 1h and 2 days).

We got a reply. They are investigating why our update is still not live. We will keep you informed.

@apps Aaaaand here we go again with #Google's mysterious "problems" with #FOSS apps that just happen to be alternatives to #GAFAM offerings. 🤦🏾‍♀️

@Blort @apps so true I'd call for/about :
What's the #fediverse #cancel #vulture with #Facebook, #Google ???
Can't we steal*get*seduce their audiences 😏

Is the Play APK available elsewhere? Can't wait for push notifications. 😊

But that would require a new setup. 😐
I kindly want my Play Store update.

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