Our update on Google has finally been rejected.

Google asks us to provide credentials because cannot be used without them.

We appealed from this decision. It is technically not possible because login form is through a browser and not through the app. Also, there is no solution to specify the instance in their process.

We will keep you informed.

@apps It's funny how they haven't had this complaint for any previous version of Fedilab then...

Sorry, I really don't understand this. Would you be so kind and explain it once again?

They use a bot for testing apps. This bot clicks on every buttons and checks the behavior of the app and its content.
But for using Fedilab, they need an account and they ask us to fill some data so that their bot can be authenticated on Fedilab.
They want a login/password and corresponding IDs for the field views inside the app.
We can't give that IDs, because they don't exist (they're on Mastodon websites and not in Fedilab). Also, we can specify to the bot how to select our instance

If they only want an account for their bot to do testing, then why don't you create an account on one mastodon instance and send the credentials to them ?

I know I'm probably saying something dumb, but I still wanted to ask, haha.

Their form to submit credentials can't be filled. Also, we can't specify the instance.

This seem like a technical limitation from their part, without being able to specify instance I wonder how other similar apps like email clients are tested then...... 🤔

It feels like they should improve their testing bot to account for such situations and not put this burden on the developer's head.

@futureisfoss google doesn't know what email reallumy is. To them, email means gmail…

@apps @7daq0

Seems like the story of the big centralizer meeting the decentralized world 😅

@apps Wait, does this mean Google wants you to send all the passwords used in Fedilab to them?

@apps sorry, I was really confused, because you said credentials and login form. 😅

@apps I guess banking apps have to put up with this, too. Or just get waved through because "they're a bank, they wouldn't do anything wrong"...

How to download the latest version that supports FCM push? The F-Droid version seems not to.

Could you join us on our Matrix room so we can discuss about it?

Not pretty sure that's for the same reasons. Currently, our update is rejected for not giving credentials to a test account for their bot. But I am pretty sure that updates for other Fediverse apps will be impacted. Cc @ConnyDuck

@apps I provided the instance name in the comment field and my APP was approved.

@apps How did you solve this? Because I am having the same problem with #Tusky
I tried providing them with credentials which did not work because mandatory 2FA on Mastodon.

Currently, our update is still blocked.
We also didn't find a way to disable 2FA.

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