We are still working on the new . We take into account your current remarks / bug reports.
When replying, you will be able to scroll up the whole thread. Also, you will have the ability to compose your thread before posting it. That means you will be able to put media, mentions or whatever for each reply that will compose your thread.
This thread will be stored in drafts so you can take your time for composing it.

PS: read media descriptions for details.

@apps Thread composing with the ability to put your medias wherever you want is awesome 🤩

I've tried to report I cant toot pictures on the lite version but my account for your gitlab hasn't been approved.

Ok. Thanks for sharing. Don't hesitate to mention our account and add (we follow that tag). We will look at your issue.

Please don't get rid of the blue menu button: I use translate and bookmark a lot and like having them to hand!

Damn, that's some really cool UI there 😍

Thank you for all of the amazing work you guys are doing ❤️

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