We are working on a new fedilab version. The whole code is being refractored.
App will work offline, so you can go through the past toots in your home timeline even when you don't have internet.
Our plan is to make the UI more clean and simple, while somehow keeping the existing features.
Also, the app will work smoothly.
Still lot of work to do. We'll share more updates with you. Let us know your thoughts

@apps@toot.fedilab.app will there still be an option to use the old GUI, layouts, or even just disable the rounding of the boxes? i kind of liked the old style where they were connected and you accessed the menu by swiping right

@apps@toot.fedilab.app but then again this might just require me to use it to really enjoy it


Currently we started like that. We can add that option for reducing space between messages.

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