Does the ability of customizing app colors with is something important for you?

Before bringing this support back to the new app, we would like to have your feedback.


For people not knowing that feature, you can test it by using a theme created by contributors.

I like to add the following thought about this feature: people with eye problems like color blindness or else can use this feature to create a good experience of the Fediverse. I see this as a feature of accessability.

P.S. I am no native English speaker, hence my words may not be perfect, but I assure I don't want to offend someone.

I had no idea, but sounds like a nice feature! I would probably use it 🙂

@apps I just care about being able to select an amoled black theme.

@apps It's not important to me but I never bothered with it...

@apps It's the most wonderful feature of my Fedilab to participate in my Mastodon 'n my Pixelfed

@apps I don't particularly care though. As long as I can have dark colors in the app (as it seems to have already), then I'm happy.

I like having my black background and green text theme. Hopefully you didn't remove customization features. Is why I don't like to upgrade the app cause things can mess up when upgrading.
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