For people who want to report bugs on (and other projects). Do you have an account on (

@apps Why not setup a dedicated Gitea (or maybe GitLab) for Fedilab? :blobcatscience:​It does deserve it! :blobcathearts:

@apps I want to attend everyone to the fact that you can sign in with existing Github, Gitlab or Bitbucket accounts, so that may affect your choice between option 2 and 3.

That's actually what I did 3 weeks ago, to supply details on an existing issue which was filed a month ago. Unfortunately, no reaction yet 🤔 These two comments are still the only ones in that issue...

Framagit is an GitLab Instance, right? I personnally don't like GitLab. You could use . It's a free Gitea Instance for FLOSS Projects

@apps it's good to have alternatives to github. However, we already have the lock in effect. The only way to break it is to promote the alternatives, so please keep up your gitlab

@apps which brings up potentially a bigger issue, shouldn't there be ways that bugs can be reported without having these accounts? potentially a framaform doc or something with predefined questions perhaps? without being fully completed it wouldn't be accepted. just a thought.

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