#JoinFediverseWiki is almost ready for it's official launch in 8 days.


Right now I'm gathering feedback from people who are not deep into the Fediverse yet.
What you can do to help:
* #boost this post.
* show the wiki to your non-fedizen friends and forward me their feedback.
* of course you can give me feedback yourself even if you're a Fediverse veteran.
* help edit the wiki. For now I wrote almost everything myself.

Happy holidays everybody. 🎉

#JoinFediverse #JoinTheFediverse #FediverseWiki

Hi Paula, in your wiki you emphasize on the fediverse-benefit of following accounts on different platforms with one account of my own.

I'd love to have a glimpse into pixelfed without signing up for that service. Is there a good way to do so with my mastodon profile? I expected something like single sign on.

Would love to participate in an article about that 😊

@lukasweidinger With the Android app Fedilab you can follow home timelines of other instances, including Pixelfed instances.
It doesn't work for me atm, but here is how it should work:

Other than that I don't really have an idea.

Sounds great, I've installed the app but it doesn't find any public feeds at Pixelfeld.social

I'll try again tomorrow or ask the support.
Thanks a lot so far 😊

@SDF @PaulaToThePeople

Thanks for the hint, SDF.ORG!
Unfortunately, it doesn't work for me. I've sent @apps a PN but got no answer so far. I don't want to comment on Playstore since the app should appear positive there.

Pixelfed allows to hide the public local timeline. So if it doesn't work, that means the admin decided to hide it (a token is required).

@dansup could you confirm? Thanks.

@SDF @PaulaToThePeople

@apps @lukasweidinger @dansup @PaulaToThePeople

Yes @dansup states here that the public timeline is not visible by design and that you can use discover which allows users to 'opt in' their posts:


This works for not logged:


click on monthly to see public posts.

Wow. Thank you, I didn't notice that the api endpoint changed.
We will proceed to the update.

@SDF @lukasweidinger

@apps @SDF @lukasweidinger @PaulaToThePeople It never changed, but in the process of refactoring a bug was introduced to the /api/v1/timelines/public endpoint so I will fix that so you don't need to change the endpoint!

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