What is the version of Android on your main device?

@apps some statistics from an app released by CodeDead on the play store

@apps samsung refuses to update my 2016 phone from android 8, so i refuse to upgrade to one of their newer phones.
hoping to order a pinephone pro when my next paycheck comes in


Of course they refuse because security, let's hush about e-waste and right to repair.

The fact that most developers target newer android not caring about older versions doesn't help either.


I wish Samsung would push out an update to android 10 for my phone like their site says they will.

@apps LineageOS 18.1 + microG (i.e., Android 11) on a 4 years old #fairphone 2

I do not update android because I do not want even more sueveillance from g****e and its friends

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