We are still deeply working on the new . We do hope that you will like the ability to compose threads easily.

- Reorder your media as you want
- Quickly check if you forgot a media description
- Just click a "+" button to add a message as a reply (no limits)
- The app will follow limits of your instance with helpers (character count, media size, etc.)


When replying, all these features will be available and also, you will have access to the whole thread, ie: not only the last reply.

This looks great, I'm waiting for the new fedilab 😀

BTW, it would be nice if you could fix friendica support, friendica really deserves a good mobile client like fedilab.

Also a big thanks to everyone who contributes to the development of fedilab, its the best client I've used :)

@apps Mais quand sort cette release !? Le peuple de France veut savoir !

On va dans un premier temps mettre le code source à disposition et des maj sur notre dépôt fdroid. Par contre, on n'a pas de date pour l'instant mais ça évolue bien :)

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