I really like that new theme (I personally use it with the new app). But we didn't expect that the theming feature would take so much time with Material design. We are sorry for that.

Our goal is to offer a first release at the end of the month.

Theme from @AntoineD available inside the new Fedilab app.

And thank you to our two other contributors (@angrytux and @JotaSeth).
You will be able to preview themes inside the app and apply them with a simple tap.


I was already looking to see if I had skipped the new app to test it (along with @AntoineD 's new theme) and then I read that you have to be a little more patient. 😅

Incidentally I discovered the room in Matrix.

Too long disconnected. 🤦‍♂️


We are finishing settings, we really didn't expect that theming would take so much time (many edge effects).
@AntoineD @angrytux


There is no rush and when it can be tested it will be worth the wait.

@AntoineD @angrytux

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