Yesterday we published the source code of the on

For people that would like to test, we also compiled that apk:

PS: the app currently uses a different ID, that will allow you to keep both versions of the app.

@apps Okay. I won't compile it from sources so maybe you already fixed it but I just noticed my password manager is not supported (keepass) when trying to connect to my instance. By not supported I mean the button to automatically fill the form does not show.

I'll post under this toot other stuff I find for now. If needed i'll fill issues once I have the time to do it.

Thanks for your work!

@apps When opening the window to write a toot, the keyboard does not capitalize the first letter as it should.

@apps The app crashes when trying to answer to a toot I posted. It works fine with other toots.

Maybe you fixed it on dev build though.

@apps Okay, I'll think about the hashtag for next issues. Thanks. I'll continue to test it.

Trying to post a toot longer than 500 characters crashes the application.


Interesting. Each message should be limited to instance max characters. For it's 500 afaik ?

@apps Yup.

But the form accepts to type more. So I thought it would autosplit but instead it crashes.

OK. It should not be possible. We replaced the split feature with the ability to compose threads.

@apps Concerning threads, I can create one (by clicking on the +) but the button does not show to add a third message. There is only a button to remove the second message from the thread. #FedilabBug

Remove button should be changed into an add button after writing some text.

@apps Hmm... I have weird behaviors. I can't create a toot with thread anymore. The button just does not show up.

When answering to a toot, I can actually post as many toots I want in a thread, the button just stays a + for the new toot I am typing and previous does not show a - button to delete them.

@apps I just understood threads appear when typing something. I copied/paste and that's why the button was not showing. The event was not thrown.

When I copy/paste something, then try to type to modify the message, the thread button does not appear.

When the message is empty and I type something, the + button appears.

@apps Trying to post longer than 500 characters with autosplit enabled crashes the app too.

We have to remove settings for auto-split and block after x characters.

@apps I just created a poll with three options but only two stayed after posting the toot.


@apps In Interactions Menu, under "muted users", when I try to unfollow someone the unfollow works but the button does not get updated (to propose me to follow the account)

@apps When deleting the first draft, this is actually the second one in the list which get deleted.

@apps I think I forgot to mention vocal messages crashes the app.

@apps (Is it okay for you if I let you add the hashtag or do you prefer I join in on toots.? Because after thinking I thought you would maybe prefer to be sure FedilabBug hashtags are bound to real bugs.)

@apps Also, I noticed the redirection from YouTube to piped instance I choosed is made when clicking on it in the browser. The app is no longer rewriting urls I see. Is it intended?

Yes, no worries, we add the tag :)
We will then create an issue with all remarks. So, thank you.

@apps Scheduled toots crashes the app.

Also, they are being posted 2min too early.

The first try was supposed to be sent at 8:58pm french hour
The second one at 9pm

The first one got sent at 8:56 and the second one at 8:58

For a thread or a single toot? First one is an in-app feature, second one is from server side.

OK. It's from server side. I think (like in app device), there is a 5 minutes (or more) window.
That's hard to improve :(

@apps Okay!

The most important issue is the fact the app crashes (? or maybe not, maybe it's just disappearing to show the notification saying the message is being sent) for that, I think!

@apps The button to administrate the instance appears in the menu even if I am not admin of my instance. I can click on it but only a blank page (following the theme I choosed) appears.

It's not yet implemented currently. It will remain visible because we can't know if an account is admin/moderator on Mastodon.

@apps When trying to update the filigrane test I noticed there is a contrast issue in the black theme. Buttons are grey and background too

Did you fully restart the app? There is currently an issue. Just to be sure.

@apps I just did and watermarks did not show on the image I just posted.

@apps Deleting a toot does not refresh the view. The toot stays on the feed until I refresh it.

@apps I am taking a break to eat something.

Considering the design, I am not a huge fan on how the feed is designed actually. Also, the black theme is not totally black, which I would prefered.
But those points are just a question of time (until someone finds the time to work on these).

Thanks for your work. I'll probably try other features of the app later (so many capabilities in Fedilab, dude!)

@apps Just to note it. Fedilab took 6% of my battery under an hour. That's more than NewPipe which used 5% in 7h44.

@apps I just added a note on my profile and then tried to edit it. The edition input did not show the actual note. I had to type it from scratch again.

@apps Actually, this is only the case when there was no note on the profile, then we try to add a note and edit it.

If the profile had a note when we arrive on the view, edition works normally.

So it's only when the button « Notes for the account » is shown.

Sidenote, I find it the design on this feature a bit confusing.

@apps Also, editing the note actually replace the profile description. Everything is fine once we refresh the view.

@apps Editing the avatar crashes the application AND update the cover image, not the avatar.

@apps And updating the cover image update the avatar instead. It crashes too.

@apps I had a crash the second time I edited my description. Not sure why but it happened.

@apps To reproduce : Edit your description, then once the view refreshed, go to your profile again to edit it another time.

@apps It's the same for other options too. I updated my toots visibility and then updated it again and got a crash.

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