If you find any bugs (we're sure you will) don't be shy, send them to us. You can either open an issue for it in Codeberg or just simply let us know here on Fediverse

First of all, thanks for the #NewFedilab, looks promising!

I have the zoom and text size on my smartphone ramped up and can't see complete notification text (who did what to/with a toot of mine). Please see attached screenshot — ”Cibex hat deinen Status“

Maybe it's just missing a second line if text becomes too long/big?

I really need bigger font, it's too small for me

@apps hey. I am unable to login to a pleroma instance. The login page shows up, I give credentials and the login page shows again. If I try anything, the app crashes.

The New Fedilab looks awesome, however here the most outstanding bugs in my phone Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime, Android 5.1.1
-Rare dark color from the first begining to the end.
- Lower bar showing a rare dark blue color and no way to change it.
- Closes when changing colors and similar operations.
- Does not let me reply any post. It closes.
- Didn't find a way to change letter size.

Sorry to say all of these.
Later I'll try find new things.
It seems awesome!

Your feedback is welcome, thank you.
Could you try a theme from contributors on settings?

Here three screenshots.
One the login screen.
The other, showing the lower bar wrong look once into my account. No way to change it.
Third, the unique third party theme. It does not work or let me follow the shortcut in there.

Thanks. You mean title? Because you have to extend them for details.

I switched to english.

"Fedilab is running live notifications" isn't that useful. For instance in email a have detailed information without extending.

The new app looks good, but it's very slow compared to the old one.
Switching time lines seems to reload everything?
I liked the cached speedy behavior much better.

Thanks for #fedilab
Subtitles in peertube videos do not always fit in portrait mode.

Also, the sound of a previous or next audio or video media, can be heard while browsing someone's medias.

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