Yesterday we published the source code of the on

For people that would like to test, we also compiled that apk:

PS: the app currently uses a different ID, that will allow you to keep both versions of the app.

@apps Okay. I won't compile it from sources so maybe you already fixed it but I just noticed my password manager is not supported (keepass) when trying to connect to my instance. By not supported I mean the button to automatically fill the form does not show.

I'll post under this toot other stuff I find for now. If needed i'll fill issues once I have the time to do it.

Thanks for your work!

@apps When opening the window to write a toot, the keyboard does not capitalize the first letter as it should.

@apps The app crashes when trying to answer to a toot I posted. It works fine with other toots.

Maybe you fixed it on dev build though.

@apps When deleting the first draft, this is actually the second one in the list which get deleted.

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