Yesterday we published the source code of the on

For people that would like to test, we also compiled that apk:

PS: the app currently uses a different ID, that will allow you to keep both versions of the app.

@apps Scheduled toots crashes the app.

Also, they are being posted 2min too early.

The first try was supposed to be sent at 8:58pm french hour
The second one at 9pm

The first one got sent at 8:56 and the second one at 8:58

For a thread or a single toot? First one is an in-app feature, second one is from server side.


OK. It's from server side. I think (like in app device), there is a 5 minutes (or more) window.
That's hard to improve :(

@apps Okay!

The most important issue is the fact the app crashes (? or maybe not, maybe it's just disappearing to show the notification saying the message is being sent) for that, I think!

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