Do you know that media attached?

Yes, is now 5 years old thanks to your support 🙏

We are proud to offer our own machine translation that respects your privacy through

Thanks to your help, we have no doubts that the will match your expectations.

A big thank you for your help and for your support!

It works really well :o
I tried it with some french and compared it to Google translate

5 ans que l'on bénéficie d'une application de qualité 🥰
Merci Tom pour cette création😊
#NewFedilab #fedilab

Yes, i know it.
I think i am a early user of Mastalab...
#fedilab #NewFedilab

Thank you very much, it works fine.
Is it possible to put the "Translate" button in the timeline menu as well? Then you don't need to open the post first, just to translate it?
Or/and a basic automatic translation of all posts?

The app isn't acknowledging pixelfed instances and gives the error message: The app is getting a very long error message from the API.

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