When you implement import data from the start page I'll give it a go, but in the meantime I'll stick with OldFedilab (:*


@apps Yep, I realise, but I'd like to be able to import the data exported from OldFedilab into #NewFedilab to save me having to mess about too much getting the latter set up the way I want it (:*

круто, теперь ретут работает 😃

@apps OK. Pleroma now logins but 1. Pleroma chat isn't there

2. Administration in settings show nothing. Just blank page.

3. Voice message is good for recording but output isn't great in a message. It looks like a audio only video. It should show like mastodon desktop shows voice visualization to be better ux

Sorry to say this.
Today's New Beta Update keeps crashing from the very start.
Dark color and slow running persists.
Lollipop Android.

I will. Now, first please, tell me what to do next.
Once been notified, do I let you know via email?
How will I manage?

Email should be prefilled with hello[at] fedil.... And with the crash logs.
You should just have to click the send button of your email app ;)

Hello, @apps
Emails have been sent from
Would like you to see here the lower bar dark blue color does not change when customizing.

Something nice: the transitions are a nice touch.

Something which doesnt work: clicking on 🌟 to fav only displays an animation, but the star remains gray.

Clicking on ⭐ in a timeline does not work. Clicking on it within an open toot does work btw

Any timeline. The bug is a quite unreliable. Sometimes it happens and sometimes it does not. As far I see it only the interface is not updated, i.e. it is a frontend bug. The favourite is registered.

Would it be possible to add to the apk name its build date/hour to know if it is the same as the same as previously downloaded or if it is new? 😅
Great job!!!

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