Currently, the app covers all API endpoints. When it will be finalised, we will extend it to the API that offers more endpoints.
But the new app automatically detects some values from the server (chars limit, items per poll, max length, etc.).

Please also try to support #Friendica when you can, its a really underrated project and currently lacks a good mobile client that supports all of its features. Fedilab is the only app I could find on #fdroid that said in its description that it supports friendica, so this is my last hope of having a good friendica client on mobile.....

Ooh I didn't see that post. Thanks a lot for listening to my suggestions, you're awesome :blobcatheart:

@futureisfoss @apps Yes I vote for this :) - I think people do not understand how awesome Friendica is. Big posts, text formatting, follow RSS sources, events and calendars, and more. Super cool.

According to this post Friendica support will be improved, so that's great :)

Friendica has a lot of cool features, but for now it'd be great to at least have all of the basic features, text formatting and previews would be a nice addition.


@futureisfoss @apps Would you recommend trying out Friendica?

What would be the main benefits of it?

@futureisfoss @apps @Ombra I keep on recommending Freindica and here are the main advantages in my view, over Mastodon:

You can make long posts, as long as you want
Ability to format the text (bold, italic, underline).
Supports Markdown so you have full access to that.
You can add inline media.
With the above you can create proper blog posts.
You can create categories and post your posts in those categories.
Ability to follow any RSS source. Think about being able to follow any website you love (most support RSS).
You can connect with your Twitter and follow twitter accounts, post on twitter, reply/engage.
Works with the Mastodon API so in theory any Mastodon app should work with Friendica.

This is our instance and a presentation we did here We also have custom skins so it makes it look more modern.

These are my thoughts :) - choose what suits you ;)

@tio @futureisfoss @apps Wow that does sound amazing actually.

Especially the RSS feed collection.

I would like the ability to do long form posts in markdown some how within the Fediverse.

@Ombra @tio @apps
No character limit and markdown support was the main attraction of friendica for me, but I know there are a lot more features I haven't even tried yet.

@futureisfoss @tio @apps these platforms are so enjoyable to learn about. Exciting times with the influx of people. #yearOfFediverse

@tio @futureisfoss @apps FYI your site comes up as -100 on the health score.

Looks like it's out of date too.

@futureisfoss @apps @Ombra Yes but it is based on the stable releases. We will update in the following months. It works very well. I use it daily. And I keep a close look at Friendica's releases.

@apps @tio @futureisfoss good to know.

Can I use that instance as a general instance or is it more of a serious discussion instance?

@futureisfoss @apps @Ombra You can use it for whatever you want. Anyone is free to post what they want and are responsible for what they post. You are welcome! :)
@tio @futureisfoss @apps @Ombra

To this list one can also add the existence of forums, and relatedly the compatibility with Lemmy, which is not perfect but is actively being improved
@tio @apps @futureisfoss @Ombra

- the ability to create discussion groups, just like Facebook groups
- the possibility of managing an additional account by several users at the same time, exactly as it happens with Facebook pages
- the possibility of creating compatible and interpretable events with those of the mobilizon
friendica is really powerful. There are just two features i miss from Mastodon/Pleroma: polls and custom cw's
@galeot I too miss the polls. I'm not interested in creating them, but at least rate them 😅
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