Is this a beta or a final version?
It will be soon on Fdroid ?

@Troll Yes, still in beta. It should be available soon on FDroid.

Sorry to say same crashes keep in my android 5. Email reports have been sent. Hope it will be definitely fixed.

I just tested it. Three emails have been sent to you.
Bugs remain in posting and replying, as well as theming.
However, I find more stability and I can try theming for a longer time than before without crashing.

When ticking Favorite, it seems like if I haven't done anything.
The login-in screen shows a rare dark color and its upper right menu does not work.

Good things:
I can share posts.
The app looks some more stable.

Android 5.
Hope crashes fix.
Too much more work to do.
Sorry to say that.

@apps when I try to attach an image to a toot the app crashes.

I'm on /e/OS based on android 10.


Using it on Android 11, and it crashed when i used the search feature. I'm on Pleroma instance

Sorry if it's there, but is there any way to exclude reply from the main timeline on the new app? In the old app you just long press the home button and it showed options

I like the new theme overall.
But i really dislike the timeline-bar at the bottom, hopefully this will be customizable in final version?

Some other things:
- long press on a timeline icon doesn't give filter-options
- tip on a timeline icon doesn't scroll to newest post

here is test of attaching video and program work. mastodon.bgzashtita.es/@peturb people's need to reset they date if they have crash

@apps f-droid still has the 6 month old version on repo

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