A new version of is available (beta).
There are bug fixes and also it uses cache for improving the navigation between timelines.

@apps hi there, thanks for the new release!
I'm a bit surprised because though this build is marked from today, the avatars are still cropped (which should have been fixed two days ago) and I do not notice the caching between timelines...
Is there something specific I should do to upgrade besides just clicking on the apk and installing? (e.g. do I first need to uninstall the previous beta?)

Weird. I remember to have fixed the issue of cropped avatars in the main menu. Is it the problem?

No, currently we only publish apk files on our drive for downloads (link attached).

It was crashing for me after updating from the previous version, but works after reinstalling

Hello. I do not have a Codeberg account, so here are some issues I found.

· When using "Delete & Rewrite", the rewritten toot doesn't seem to be sent.

· Audio file like this one doesn't seem to play :

· More of a feature, but there is not a "right clic" feature anymore to open links in another browser.

· After deleting a toot, it disappear from the timeline when updating as normal. But when switching timelines it reappears again.

Thank you for your work ! 👋

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