People using might have different needs.
Some of you like in app-features, others like privacy features, etc.
As we can satisfy everyone without bringing side effects, the only solution is to keep the ability of options in settings.
But, we need to introduce the concept of profiles, thus in one click, you will be able to change settings without taking time to set them.

Good idea as long as the profile or profiles can be saved and restored so that one can set them up on one device then save and import them on another device.

Currently some settings (in OldFedilab) are not exported and thus have to be re-set up after an import


@apps Will single profile work across multiply user accounts ( from different project supported) ?

That can be discussed. But profiles are more here to reply of the needs of a user behind several accounts.
That's said, it can be customised for each account.

@apps I'd really like to see a version of Fedilab for Linux. I'd really like it if it was indeed a verticle rectangular window and works as much like the Android version as it can in Linux. Linux's mastodon apps just... aren't exactly what I'd like.

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