@apps Thank you I will test this !
I don't know if you saw but I left a list of issues (for V6) on this post : pouet.chapril.org/@Zekovski/10

@apps why don't YouTube or other videos work inline? Is that not implemented yet ?

Sorry to say that.
A #FedilabBug has been found while testing on my Android 5. The rest keep ok.
Sometimes (not always) it crashes when tapping Notifications or other app lower bar icons, not the Home one.
Bug sent with my pikynieves@gmail.com email.

Hello. Thanks for the fixes to Android 5 in new Fedilab. I can do what I couldn't do before in Mastodon. Nothing to complain about so far.

Just a couple of doubts:
- Is it ok vibrations and sounds whenever I post or reply?
- Is it ok when I favorite a post the 🌟 icon does not change into yellow color?

Please, let me know.
I will keep testing and promise let you know.
Good job this time👌‼️

Vibration is due to the notification that is sent when posting. We will change that by in-app notifications.
For the color issue, it's a bug on Android 5. I will fix that .
Thanks for your feedback.

Come on, thank you for listening to my suggestions.

#FedilabBug that is not a bug.

One more good thing from your work in this update for Android 5 is the theme fixes. I can see you've done a good job here, starting from color balance and letter size and composition.
Good for you.

I promised it ;) - Initially I wanted to remove theming for android 5, but I tried to fix it first and it worked :)

Maybe it is a #FedilabBug , Android 5, Mastodon.
Let's see, I am reading some posts and want to see the recent ones, but I can't go there by 'clicking' on the Home icon like before, besides I need sliding it up to get there.

One more thing or doubt, will New Fedilab include the 'numbers counts' in Home and Notification icons?

Every relase is awesome, this new fedilab will be astonishing. I'm absolutely in love and I'm proud to support your work ❤️

@apps Hello !
Another small issue : The string issue_login_message which suggests to report issues points toward the Framagit. Not Codeberg.

Crashed when I tried to login on a pleroma instance

The app crash when I want to add my pixelfed account or my peertube.

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