Hello. Thanks for the fixes to Android 5 in new Fedilab. I can do what I couldn't do before in Mastodon. Nothing to complain about so far.

Just a couple of doubts:
- Is it ok vibrations and sounds whenever I post or reply?
- Is it ok when I favorite a post the 🌟 icon does not change into yellow color?

Please, let me know.
I will keep testing and promise let you know.
Good job this time👌‼️

Vibration is due to the notification that is sent when posting. We will change that by in-app notifications.
For the color issue, it's a bug on Android 5. I will fix that .
Thanks for your feedback.

#FedilabBug that is not a bug.

One more good thing from your work in this update for Android 5 is the theme fixes. I can see you've done a good job here, starting from color balance and letter size and composition.
Good for you.


I promised it ;) - Initially I wanted to remove theming for android 5, but I tried to fix it first and it worked :)

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