Should we keep the ability to watch videos (like YouTube, Peertube,...) inside Fedilab?
When people check their data consumption, they don't understand why it can be so huge with Fedilab.

So what do you think about embedded videos?

It's easier in-app. That's a good idea.
By the way, when are you delivering a new beta update?

@apps please, remember fixing the notification sound and vibration in android 5 when posting or replying. You said it needed changing by in-app notifications...;-)


Yes, it's not related to android 5. It's not currently fixed because it needs some works. We can simply remove that notification. Maybe the best solution.
Let's bring us to next beta
Otherwise, we can't reproduce the color issue you reported when adding to favourites (Android 5 tested).

@apps that's ok.
One more question about the notifications android 5 and I go , will you definitely remove it?
Will it be for tomorrow's release?

I will try. I honestly can tell you if I will succeed in a such short time to find a confortable way to notify in-app.

No, no, take your time. The point is fixing that uncomfortable situation.
Take your time. If it's not for tomorrow, maybe for the next release, 😉ok?

Oh sure, it's an important point to fix. Thanks to your contributions, people will not have a buggy app. You are the Android 5 debugger too👍

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