We published a fix for crashes that have been reported today for (beta).

We also fixed the connection with .

Server limits are not retrieved for Friendica so we have to fix that.

New version:

@apps Thank you for giving Friendica the much needed attention! :) - It is a great platform.

Android 5. Sunday Beta had a minimum bugs and I reported them to you.
I won't test today's Monday release.
I will better wait for the next Beta. Maybe it will include more improvements.

Yes, if you have no bugs with current one, no needs to update :)

@JLuisNieves @apps That option to translate texts is really, really cool. Not the best translation but enough to understand others. Pretty great!

Hello, @apps.

A couple of doubts from this Sunday release (Android 5):
Did you work on fixing system sound and vibration when posting or replying messages?
Have you been reported that sometimes the app crashes when tapping push notifications?

Yes, it's no longer system notifications. So it should be silenced.

Please, I insist on this.
Despite of in-app notifications fix, sounds and vibrations remain on Android 5. Please, something wrong must've been happening. It's an stressing #FedilabBug .

I suspect the background service to publish messages.

Downloaded this version on Android 7, works with Mastodon, but does not let me log in thos Friendica accounr

It works with Friendica instance working with the Mastodon api. Please ask your admin to update the version.

The instance runs the latest release candidate (2022.05-rc)

Tapping push notification crash report sent by email

Please, take a look at it.

Why i am not able to login pixelfed account
It doesn't recognise instances

Wow this is great, let me find the latest apk file so I can test.....

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