New version of the beta for (v10)

- Connection with accounts
- Hide/reorder items in bottom menu
- Indicator for messages having replies.

More about fixes:

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Any chance of adding Hubzilla/Streams support? While PWA is nice sometimes app is better.

I might just be blind but is there a way to increase the font size in Fedilab?

Hello !

Three bugs I found for a few versions ...
- When returning to the app after a while you have to scroll again and again to get to the top. (Well not really a bug but you know.) If you click the timeline's icon it just loads some posts above and you must do it until you get to the top.
- Timelines start at an earlier post than when the app was closed. Sometimes even days late on the global timeline.


- When scrolling down quickly through a finite timeline like a short profile or the subscribtions page, the thread repeats itself and you scroll indefinitely.

Thank you again for your work ! 👋


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