is a paid app on Google and free on .
Google takes off 30% of the 2,5€, the idea was to encourage a small effort to use the free F-Droid app built from sources. Also, it helps to pay our server charges for translations and other services.

But, if you have no alternative to Google and don't want to pay. There is no reason to prevent you using Fedilab.
Just reach us, we can let you get the app for free with a code.
CC @Framasoft (related to a thread on Twitter)

@apps @Framasoft make a Ios version and ill give you as much money as you want

How will people install the free version on iOS? Does it allow alternative app stores now?
@apps @Framasoft

App is fantastic best one out there. Thanks for your work!

@apps oh that is a very cool setup! Both practical and pushing people into the right direction.

OP here.
Toot thread broke on most clients (including FediLab ironically) because the @ reply was removed.
When I look in Google Play store it's still listed as free for me. Maybe it's because I was on the beta there for a year.
I get the cost thing, I'm more than happy to contribute, I just didn't want the the app to suffer consequences of being paid if it wasn't getting the money.


@apps @Framasoft Holy shit...I've seen your stuff in fdroid....

Kinda wondered what the hell it I get it.


@apps @Framasoft this is genius. Charge for app on play store (average person uses and you earn something) vs putting on fdroid for free to encourage more open source usage. Win win.

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