We think to use the new version of only for softwares using the "mastodon API" (Pleroma, Pixelfed, Friendica).
For , we will keep working on the dedicated app.

Thus, that will allow us to extend endpoints for softwares using the Mastodon API like Pleroma and Pixelfed.

Adding a new API, will be done through a new app.

@apps is misskey close enough to be supported by fedilab?

Hello, @apps .
First I would like to congratulate you for the whole change this new version includes as I will also encourage you to keep on this project.
However, I am a little disappointed about the times I have reported the notifications sounds and vibrations #FedilabBug when messaging (android 5) and I haven't seen any change on that.
Nothing else to say.
See you.

Yes, it's because of the service that is used to publish messages.
We have to offer automatically an other way for small messages.

Second time I have a similar answer from you and nothing much about solution. Hope a way out is found someday.
See you.

Really hard to fix all issues currently :)
But it will

When it is fixed, when it happens, please let me know. See you.

@apps So I won't be able to use anymore from it? Or follow Peertube timelines from my Mastodon account? I'd have to get a separate app and waste MORE space?

@minecraftchest1 That's not what I was referring to. At the moment, I can follow the entire local timeline of an instance with Fedilab, whether that be a Mastodon, Pixelfed, Pleroma or Peertube timeline, and I'll see any public posts made on that instance. Can't do that with any other app but Fedilab! @apps

I found out, that Plume is also not compatible with Fedilab and my first thought was to change the API of Plume to make compatible to the Mastodon API. Because Macrobloging is similar to Microbloging. I think this is a natural way and not to extend clients to support several different APIs. If an API is very different, the service and intention should be also very different. In this case a different client app is needed.

So, yes. A dedicated app makes sense. 👍

Can it support Misskey in that case or no?

(not expecting the extras like drive etc.)

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