To users. We might change the app id and publish the new version of as a new app soon (The Google version is not concerned because it's a paid app).
Is it a problem for you?

I just found what fedlab is, so, it should not be a problem for me.

Because there are many changes and maybe having the ability to go back easily with the old version would help.
Also, that would allow us to have many feedback with active fdroid users.

Fedilab, I love your work, but the new app doesn't seems ready. Publishing it on fdroid can be deleterious to you, since some people could use it thinking that it is the final product. If you really have to do this at least write in the app name that this is a beta/alpha

I would prefer that since I won't use the new app until the design is enhanced. I find it too disturbing for now!

Buttons swapped (share and favorite, as an exemple), colors and way timeline is displayed, mostly. I really don't like it right now.

I don't know if other people share my feeling, though!

Thanks anyway to put people at the center of your concerns with your apps. I really appreciate it!

That exactly what feedback we are waiting. Thank you.
We know some people will try the app and give their feedback too. That will allow us to target more feedback from users.
We currently had the help of some very few active people (like you).

I was waiting a bit before trying it again. I will probably with a future release!


@apps To have it that way for testing (and to gather additional feedback) is totally fine. But in the end, when it's declared "mature", will you return to the original appId – and will that be made clear from the beginning? If not, will existing users have an easy way to migrate their settings, media etc?

We should be able to offer a transfer feature with main settings.

I prefer using both apps side by side.
Things that would be great to make this easy for as many users as possible:
- different app names (maybe publish the old one with the suffix "classic"?)
- different icons
- export and import of app settings across versions

@apps So there will be three Fedilab apps in Fdroid, including the lite version? I can see some confusion arise from that...

Why don't you do like Nextcloud and release a stable version and one for developers and people willing to test and try?

Stable version:

Development version:

If you think that not enough people tried the beta and want to use F-droid for that, I think it is good to use a different appId.
I really appreciate the work you've put in the new Fedilab but I feel it's nowhere near ready to replace the old one: it still crashes regularly and the interface does not feel as comfortable (at least to me)

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