With bug reports we published a beta release (v23) for on our repository.

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@apps I cannot find the Beta there. Could you give me a hint, please?


Add the repository to fdroid.

In fdroid go to settings, enable expert settings and activate instable versions.

If you have an old fedilab, you must uninstall it before you see the beta versions.

Sometimes you need to refresh the packets manually in fdroid.

I see the standard app 2.39 only on F-Droid. How do I get the beta from there? Do I have to enable some beta program like in google play store or something? :)
Hmm. After doing this and refreshing fdroid package sources, fdroid shows me something's new for fedilab. When I click it, it shows me 2.39 updated today (so new). But clicking "install" lt installs 2.39 still. Clearing cache for fdroid does not help..
@beandev @apps THIS was the problem. Thank you! :)
Now I have to add all my accounts again, as it seems to be "another app".
.. well, let's go.. 😀
@beandev @apps Hmm.. Adding my two owned instances (one mastodon, one pleroma) was no problem. But my account locks up the app when I try to login.. I don't use it really, but this looks like a problem..
@beandev @apps Hmm.. Well yes. My tiny mastodon instance is authetificated too, so it is not mastodon itself.. Maybe is too big so fedilab does not come back from call (timeout?). But no idea. I'll try later. It once worked, so it should work again. :)

@apps I don't know what I'm doing wrong but I only see 2.39.0 in F-droid.

I've added the fedilab repo, refreshed f-droid, even uninstalled fedilab 2.39.0: no fedilab beta.

@apps I'm seeing it now! Great, looking forward to trying this.


Anyone else having trouble logging in with Fedilab's F-Droid beta versions?

I've been using (and have installed) up to beta 21 downloaded from Framadrive with no problem but today I installed betas 22 and 23 from F-Droid and I just can't get past the screen where I select the instance.

I don't think the problem is to have both beta versions installed, right?

(I uninstalled the old version 2.39 some time ago when I saw that the beta versions of Framadrive were stable enough.)

We got the same issue with instances that worked before. We noticed that the app failed because we don't use tls 1.3 support.
We will fix that ASAP.


Thank you very much.

I leave then installed the Framadrive beta 21 (I have been updating it beta after beta downloading the apk of the new versions) and, on the other hand, the F-Droid version until one of the updates solves that problem.

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