For people that wonder how to get beta with


Click on "Add to Fdroid" > "I have fdroid".
It will open the Fdroid app and prefill fields for adding our repository. Just click "OK".

Then pull to refresh and update

via @apps

You will have to remove the old version before.

I only had to actively search for FediLab to be able to select the update.
I guess this is because the beta version is not the 'recommended' version.
But I did not have to uninstall it first?

Fedilab used to show the time of boosts too, it looks like it does not do that now.
Is that true?
I liked being able to see the time of boosts...

And finally Hometown instances work with FediLab again! :dragon_happy:

Why in new beta my stop working and other too. Other issue is f-droid to see new update it need to disable fdroid default repo

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