How would you like to see media descriptions appear on media when opening them?
Please share you thoughts. Thank you.

@apps Before was OK, but a long description would cover up the image (though at least it vanished after 5 seconds).

Either little button to open close a description with semi transparent background or doing open/close with long press. But not to be confused with zooming/pinching. Or a up/down slide for viewing would also be ok.

If slide up is dismiss, slide down could be image description. You could even include buttons for something like download in that view. Also I think it would be good not to underestimate how long these descriptions can be and how small some screens are. It should be scrollable and selectable as a whole or bits.

I like the current version's display, but it could stay visible a little longer for longer descriptions. Could the delay before automatically hiding the description be customizable?

@adam @apps No automatism in my opinion can do it. I would prefer an overlay (like it is now) but don’t want to see it closed automatically, as this is either to long or too short depending on the text. Have it stay but put an [X] on that overlay and let me close it manually when I am done with reading (or don’t want to read it now). :)

It would be nice to have a small button to enable disable the description. Additionally I miss a function to swipe the picture to leave the image viewer. Because it needs an extra tap. Then tap on the return button.

This would be nice to have it, yes. A lot of apps do this on the same way and I try this gesture all time and fail 🙈

You should be able to do it. Maybe only swipe down work.



You are right. 😁

All time I tried only swipe up, because also other app do it on this way.

Hehe, good to know 👍

We have to add the swipe up to close media. We just need to remember it :)

One tap to hide/display the text.
The current countdown is really not ideal.

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