RC (v1) 3.0.0-rc-1 has been published on our repo.

@apps Crash on Android 11 when I try to log in to a Pleroma instance.

If you have more than one local timeline from another instance, the toots get mixed up.
You get toots from user of one instance under the tab of another instance.

Just checked the new RC1. Problem with authorising accounts. The URL needs %20 rather than spaces for the list of scope at the end. At least when the URL is sent to my browser (DuckDuckGo) on my tablet.

Check the scope list on the end of the URL in image.

After editing the URL authorisation went through fine, pleased to say my account can now be seen on my tablet (:*

#fdroid #fedilab

Yes that's my leg, apologies for the lack of a content warning (;*

#fdroid #fedilab

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