3.0.10 has been published in production for Google Play users.

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If it is in production, maybe you should make it the suggested version on FDroid ? (Or maybe I have different versions shown to me because I have your repo ?)

@Zekovski it's 3.0.10 on Fdroid and 3.0.11 with our custom directory.

Strange. The repo recommands 2.39.0 to me.
Maybe FDroid haven't updated it properly ?

@Zekovski @apps
I have installed 3.0.10 via F-Droid today. Updated from 3.0.6.
#fedilab #fdroid

I have the latest version. 3.0.11
What I say is that the suggested version (from the tag next to it) is still 2.39.

@Zekovski @apps
Alright, but this refers to Fedilab's repo, right?
F-Droid suggests 3.0.10 (currently the newest release within F-Droid's repo).

You mean Fedilab's repo and Fdroid's don't suggest the same version ? Ok thanks.

So this would mean the team could update the suggested version on their repo.

@Zekovski @apps

As far as i understood the situation, yes... looks to me, that Fedilab operates an own repo for F-Droid... that you may have included in your F-Droid app.

I did this e.g. for NewPipe.

But regarding Fedilab i use the "normal" F-Droid repo... and that is currently showing (here for me) 3.0.10 as latest and suggested version...

So it may depend on the specific configuration... 😉

@nick @apps
Yes, that is what I said in my first message. I do use the Fedilab repo.
And we're back to the hypothesis I made in this message.

@Zekovski @apps
In your first toot you mentioned F-Droid... maybe i should have paid more attention to the following sentence in brackets... 😁

Means it will be available in 2 or 3 days for everyone.

@apps Cool, thank you. Looks very good, much cleaner than 2.x

What does this eye do?

Thanks for your kind message. If you have a thread with a content warning (NSFW), that feature allows to display all messages without clicking on the expand button for each message.

@apps Ah, OK. I have activated the option in the settings that all content is displayed directly. Maybe this can be hidden in a future version if this option is activated.

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