We identified a bug that breaks the "fetch more" button in your home timeline while pressing the down arrow (up is not concerned). It creates holes in your timeline.
That will be fixed in the next release.

@apps thanks for fixing this behavior, would it be possible to give the "fetch more" area a bit more contrast to the rest of the time line? Otherwise it is very easy to overlook it.

Oh yes, please. I forgot to create an issue for the low contrast issue.

The contrast is much better. Whether the buttons should be on the sides or at the top and bottom, you would have to try live. But I think the color is the most important.

@beandev @apps

Here I fully agree, the color is also from my point of view the most important part. In addition to the changed font color, I would appreciate if the background color of the button could also become something different from the default background color of the normal messages in the timeline. Maybe it is possible to provide a corresponding option in the settings, so that you can choose the appropriate colors yourself.

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