Is it important for you to see new messages live in your timelines?

We mean using the streaming api, so when a new message comes in the timeline your are watching, it is automatically added and you are warned.

@apps Without need of refresh ?

By default, it's only a notification and we have to refresh, havn't we ?

Maybe we will add an inside notification and by clicking on it, you will see new messages (without a refresh).

@apps Yeah, "scroll up" it's what I mean by "refresh".

So, notifications is enough imo, we know that we have to scroll up seeing notif. Depends on whether it needs more ressources to achieve it or not.

@apps And even, clicking on notif drives us on "refreshed" thread


I have ticked "no
but only because I get so many notifications.
I see all of them, read all of them, am happy about replies, but live - subjective opinion - I don't need any more.

Otherwise I would have clicked 'yes'.

My humbled opinion is that despite of the lower ranking of those who find live messages in the timeline important it doesn't mean it isn't.

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