3.3.0 has been published for all.

- Settings to set all timelines at the top (default disabled)
- Settings to display timelines in a list (default disabled)
- Display counters for fav/reblog in timelines (default disabled)

- Visibility issue when replying
- Some theme issues when composing
- Some crashes

Small update (3.3.1)

- Improve speed for Nitter instances
- Allow to edit Nitter accounts with a long press on tabs
- Fix pagination issue with pinned timelines
- Fix some crashes
- Fix visibility when displaying counters


Another one (3.3.2)

- Fix an issue with cache and home timeline
- Nitter timelines now use the custom instance from settings
- Fix Nitter issues (only RT)
- No longer accepts self-signed certificates for onion URLs (Google)
- Fix some crashes

PS : Google rejected our release (3.3.1) because we allowed self-signed certificates for onion URLs (this support has been removed).

Is it possible top just keep support for self signed certs for onion addresses in the Fdroid version?

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