We published a fix for crashes that have been reported today for (beta).

We also fixed the connection with .

Server limits are not retrieved for Friendica so we have to fix that.

New version: framadrive.org/s/Lt5oxbTmTaezL

You want to create your own Art timeline with the ?
Really simple, just pin a tag timeline. Then long press the tab and ask for media only. Up to you to add more tags to fill your timelines.

To be clearer, with you have a default art timeline but you can transform every pinned tag timelines in an art timeline. See attached.
If you like that, we can bring it back to the


We added a way to change the font scale. By default, it's now 110%, so it should be easier for reading :)

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Do you know that media attached?

Yes, is now 5 years old thanks to your support 🙏

We are proud to offer our own machine translation that respects your privacy through translate.fedilab.app

Thanks to your help, we have no doubts that the will match your expectations.

A big thank you for your help and for your support!

And thank you to our two other contributors (@angrytux and @JotaSeth).
You will be able to preview themes inside the app and apply them with a simple tap.

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I really like that new theme (I personally use it with the new app). But we didn't expect that the theming feature would take so much time with Material design. We are sorry for that.

Our goal is to offer a first release at the end of the month.

Theme from @AntoineD available inside the new Fedilab app.

Contributor themes will be available in . You will be able to preview them. So don't hesitate to share your themes, we will add them. Thank you.


When replying, all these features will be available and also, you will have access to the whole thread, ie: not only the last reply.

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We are still deeply working on the new . We do hope that you will like the ability to compose threads easily.

- Reorder your media as you want
- Quickly check if you forgot a media description
- Just click a "+" button to add a message as a reply (no limits)
- The app will follow limits of your instance with helpers (character count, media size, etc.)

We will publish soon some improvements for .
To Android 12 users, you have to manually allow URLs in device settings.

Finally, the last update of (2.39.0) has been accepted by Google Play.

By long pressing a link, you will have a contextual menu. If you have doubts, use the "check redirect" feature.

By asking what you want to keep in the new app, we discovered that some features are unknown.
People suggested us to post messages about tips.

That's a good idea.

Think to long press timeline tabs, you will have some extra features for filtering them.

We are still working on the new . We take into account your current remarks / bug reports.
When replying, you will be able to scroll up the whole thread. Also, you will have the ability to compose your thread before posting it. That means you will be able to put media, mentions or whatever for each reply that will compose your thread.
This thread will be stored in drafts so you can take your time for composing it.

PS: read media descriptions for details.

We are working on a new fedilab version. The whole code is being refractored.
App will work offline, so you can go through the past toots in your home timeline even when you don't have internet.
Our plan is to make the UI more clean and simple, while somehow keeping the existing features.
Also, the app will work smoothly.
Still lot of work to do. We'll share more updates with you. Let us know your thoughts

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