If you don't like to see cropped media in your timelines, you can use the feature that allows to fit preview images.

PS: bad behaviors have been fixed in 3.2.0

A new theme will be available thanks to the contributor "s1m" in the next release "Dark Elephant" theme. 👌

With , you can easily create an art timeline. We mean a timeline dedicated to pictures matching your expectations.
You first have to search for a tag and pin it with the "+" button.
Then, by long pressing the tab, you can customize it. Magic comes when checking "media only". But up to you for adding more tags on your timelines and grows your timeline.

If you have doubts concerning a link, don't forget to long press it. That will display a dialog with several options. You can even check if it redirects.

We fixed the pagination issue when following accounts (aka Twitter).
Also, we added back the share button.

With 3.x, you should never lose your position in timelines.
If there is a hole, the fetch more button will allow you to keep reading the way you want.

- Arrow up: fetching more recent messages from the position.

- Arrow down: fetching older messages from the position.

Just an example of composing a thread with , a poll in first message and different media in other messages.

via @apps


In 3.0.2 (available with ), we tried to make followed instances more visible.

Some people asked us if we can introduce a feature to automatically delete old messages.
That's something that must be handled by your instance and fortunately, you can do it (Mastodon at least).

In the Web interface :
- Open preferences.
- Select automated post deletion.
- Then fill conditions for deleting old messages.

That's not immediately done because this is an expensive operation. It will be done progressively.

Cache will become an important feature for the new . So we started to improve the way to clean it by account.

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